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Camuy's Caverns Park


One of the main attractions of Camuy is their famous "Parque de las Cavernas" (Camuy's Caverns Park), a amazing network of natural limestone underground caves/waterways.  These amazing caves were created by the under ground waters of the river of Camuy over a million years ago.  The  network of caves was first documented in 1973 in a book "Discovery at the Rio Camuy" written by Russel and Jeanne Gurnee.  Later on a 268 acre  public park was created around the caves, this park is located on Route 129, Km. 9.8, a real special place to visit.  The park is one of the largest underground formations in the Western Hemisphere, and only seven miles (11km) of this series of limestone caves have been fully explored. The impeccably maintained trails gently descend 200 feet through a fern filled ravine, rain forest trails to cathedral-like caverns. The park is one of the world's largest cave networks known today.  Visitors are guided through one cave and two sinkholes, there are fine examples of stalactites/stalagmites formations. The park is equipped with picnic areas, walking trails, food facilities, a exhibition hall and a souvenir shop, making it the perfect place to spend a day. Open Wednesday-Sunday 8am - 4pm; admission US$10 adults and US$7 children.  To see more photos of the caves of Camuy click here.
 Another popular place to visit is Camuy's beautiul ocean front beach, Peņon Brussi Beach, another popular beach is Peņon Amador's beach.  Another great place to visit is Lake Guajataca.

Peņon Amador's beach, notice the religious lifesize crucifix on top of the rock.


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